Pitkin, Colorado – Gateway to the Alpine Tunnel

Story courtesy of Pitkin Colorado An absolutely awesome way to spend half a day or more! Spectacular scenery. The road is in good condition and is considered an “easy” drive, at least until you near the top. Next to spectacular cliffs, the road crosses a narrow man-made terrace known as the “Palisades.” The ledge is.. read more →

Stakeholders updating West Slope scenic byway plan

Courtesy of the GJ Sentinel By Bob Silbernagel Beginning this month and continuing well into next year, people from three Western Slope counties will be working with a Longmont-based firm to update the corridor management plan for the Unaweep/Tabeguache Scenic Byway that runs across 133 miles of state highway from Whitewater to Placerville. “This corridor.. read more →

Flume Fever Podcast

Flume Fever from Mara Ferris on Vimeo. read more →

Naturally inclined: GJ woman makes name for herself in environmental filmmaking

Courtesy of the GJ Sentinel   GJ woman makes name for herself in environmental filmmaking By Melinda Mawdsley EDITOR’S NOTE: This is the first in a series of stories following local environmental filmmaker Mara Ferris as she works on a video chronicling the re-stabilization of the Driggs Mansion on the Unaweep/Tabeguache Scenic and Historic Byway. Ferris.. read more →

San Miguel River: 48 feet of the historic hanging flume has been restored

Courtesy of Coyote Gulch San Miguel River: 48 feet of the historic hanging flume has been restored Click on the thumbnail graphic to the right for an aerial shot of the San Miguel River canyon. The hanging flume, before the restoration, is along the cliff wall in the middle of the photo. Here’s a report from.. read more →

121-year-old western Colorado mining flume clings to its secrets

Courtesy of The Denver Post By Nancy Lofholm WESTERN MONTROSE COUNTY — There is something about the tattered remnants of a 121-year-old mining marvel that keeps drawing the curious back to this remote canyon along Colorado 141. Those who keep returning to measure, survey, photograph and examine the mysterious structure known as the Hanging Flume call.. read more →

Reconstruction of Historic Site in Montrose County Begins

Courtesy of KREX TV Channel 5 MONTROSE COUNTY, Colo.- The cliffs of the Dolores River are home to the 13-mile long hanging flume, a historic site that, starting on Wednesday, will undergo reconstruction. During the renovation, which will last about five days, construction crews will rappel down the mountain to ensure they conserve every aspect.. read more →

Engineering Marvel Unaweep Canyon Hanging Flume to be Reconstructed

Courtesy of the GJ Sentinel   By Kathy Jordan Thursday, April 5, 2012 The hanging flume, of which 7 of its 13 miles clings to a red-rock wall along the San Miguel River in the San Miguel and Dolores Rivers canyons, might leave viewers wondering why and when this wooden structure was built. Gold was.. read more →

Eight Years Later: A Return To The Hanging Flume

Courtesy of Vertical Access Blog Driving along the San Miguel River near the historic town of Uravan in western Colorado, one has to study the cliffs to find remnants of a 10 mile long structure built 120 years ago.  Constructed by the Montrose Placer Mining Company between 1889 and 1891, the Hanging Flume ended its.. read more →

Hanging Flume – World Monuments Fund

Courtesy of the World Monuments Fund Montrose County, Colorado, United States WMF Program – 2006 Watch Among the more remarkable remnants of America’s nineteenth-century gold rush is the Hanging Flume, a 21-kilometer track built along the walls of Colorado’s Dolores River Canyon that was used to transport more than 30 million liters of water a day.. read more →